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Uniwell Cash Register Systems

The NX5400 has been designed as a high quality cash register that is feature rich yet very economical. It has been designed as a general purpose machine, the flat keyboard version is ideally suited for use in bars, caf, quick service restaurants and bakery. The raised keyboard version is particularly suited to general retail stores and has the ability for bar code scanning.

A numeric pop up customer display, heavy duty receipt plus journal printer (45mm wide) and an integral cash drawer all come as standard with the NX5400. The NX5400 comes network ready, it can be connected with up to 7 other terminals providing consolidated reporting across the entire system. In additional the NX5400 is also PC ready and can be connected to back office PC for simplified programming and reporting.

Uniwell NX-5400 is a low cost machine made for general retail stores and various simple hospitality industries such as Food Court, Small Restaurant, Takeout Shop including Fast Food, etc. You will find extraordinary features for this kind of model range, such as Scanning function, PC communication, Inter Register Communication (IRC), Large PLU files, Amount Track, 98 group-A`s, 25 group-B`s + 10 main group-A`s. These are not option, but all Standard.

Supported by convenient programming tool "PLM 2000", you can start to use NX-5400 on the day of delivery. UNIWELL NX-5400, Cash Register is feature rich yet very economical with benefits of an EPOS system at a cash register price. The Uniwell NX-5400-01 is simple to program, very flexible and can be configured for a variety of uses making it ideal for bars, cafes, takeaways, quick service restaurants, bakeries and other retail units.

Uniwell NX-5400-01 standard features include 4,000 PLUs (Standard/Max.), 127 Hard PLU keys, Scanning system with 14 digits random PLU code, 98 group-A`s, 25 group-B`s and 10 main groups, 23 cashiers and 15 hard cashier keys, 1,820 amount tracks, Simple condiment PLU entry with a main PLU, PLU price shift key provides 2 price levels, 2 menu shift keys allow use of 3 menus, 3 PLU modifier keys work independently, Single ticket/ combined ticket function, 5 media keys, 4 arrangement keys: 50 key steps, PC Batch Communication, Programming Module PLM2000, IRC (Inter Register Communication), 32 ECRs, 4 kitchen printers, 4 slip printers, and PC communications with Tensai2000 via NA-720. Other available keys: tip, recall, adjustments, cooking message, etc.